Hotel Inventory Management

Without doubt, your Hotel’s inventory is its vital asset and represents a major part of your investment. Now with an effortless exercise, hotels that have mastered the art of inventory management are seeing big benefits to their bottom lines. A lot of successful hotels have seen an immense annual growth after they launched inventory management strategy. Hotel Partner inventory management solution makes manual tracking a thing of the past as it can spoil the experience for your guests and cause a loss in revenue.You don’t have to sit on your desk anymore for the bookings. Just get in touch with Hotel Partner for Inventory Management service through your mobile, tablet, or desktop from anywhere at any time.

More Revenue:

You can double your earning by selling as many rooms as possible without thinking much about overbooking. Keep promoting your available rooms on the booking mediums all the time.

Instantaneous updates:

Hotel Partner will sync your room rate and inventory across all of your distribution sites in Real-time.

Guest Management:

Keep your guests engaged from the time they book with you and beyond.

Guest Loyalty:

Emails asking them to review you and manage it all from one login.

Enhanced Room service:

Provide memorable experience for your guests whether they are in a meeting, events or ordering something from their room by empowering your staff.

Food and Beverage:

Enhance your foodservice by using mobile technology to automate weekly consumption of ingredients and throw paper checklists.

Property Management System:

This feature handles all types of operational tasks. With Hotel Partner’s Management system, you can manage the day to day operations with ease. You can easily update your room rate and availability with our inventory grid. This feature makes it easier for you to apply rate changes and hot deals.

IVR Solutions:

In any business interacting with their customers on a daily basis is a need. So, IVR Solution will ensure that customers get updated instantly. Not only this, IVR Solution will make hotel staff available for other operations as the issues of the customers will be solved by the IVR system.