Online Payment Gateway

I hope you agree with the fact that a direct channel is the most cost-effective and reliable means of achieving revenue without having any mediators. So, having an Online Payment Gateway provides you with the best opportunity for direct sales. Get a simple and powerful direct sales engine for your website from our wide range of intuitive, elegant and responsive booking engine options to match your business needs and provide your customers the easiest and secure payment gateway.

Package Booking Engine:

Packages by marketing savvy hoteliers are in trend these days. So, stop thinking and generate new revenue streams by well-crafted packages for your guests that combine the costs of overnight accommodation with added services like adventure activities. Hotel Partner packages help you create attractive, value-added customized packages for one or more destinations. Hotel Partner Online Payment Gateway helps you increase your Hotel’s revenue by booking conferences and banquet halls as well as selling catering services, swimming pools, spa membership directly from your hotel’s website.

Social Media Booking Engine

Achieving direct sales via Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ is just another mode of increasing your revenue. Social Media should not just be used to engage your customers but also to promote and sell your hotel rooms and products. Sell your rooms directly to your Facebook followers without them having to leave your Facebook page by using the Hotel Partner online payment gateway.

Offering discounts:

Enhance your sales by providing discounts and coupons on your Online Payment Gateway to attract more and more guests.

Offers and Promotions:

Add Value-added services for your guest to stimulate sales. Offer such promotions that your customers cannot refuse or avoid.